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What is Project Backstory

Have an RP with a lot of history that overwhelms players both new and old? Need a way to bring long absent players up to speed on current RP events? Maybe you need a good resource to keep track of what happened and when in your RP? Looking for a good excuse to read and write?

Look no further as Project Backstory is here to help! Project Backstory is a combined effort of player, readers, and GMs to provide a page by page synopsis of RP worlds.

How can I help?

To join in on this project click on a link below and start filling out empty sections as you see fit. Please no partial page updates unless it is the most recent page of the RP. Don't see the RP you are looking for below? Just add it to the Participating RP's section of this page using the format ["[ (RP name goes here) Backstory ]"] (without the " ") and someone (probably Sleepy) will be along shortly to put up templated pages for you to start working on. Don't want to wait for others to put up the templates? Follow this link for a basic Backstory template:

Backstory Template

Thank you readers and contributors alike for making this project a wonderful success. ^_^

SleepyOrigami 07:47, 9 August 2009 (PDT)

Participating RP's

Dead RP's RP Redux Backstory

Massive Flaming Plane Crash 2 Backstory

Mayhem: Second it's All For Real Backstory

Mossy Knoll Backstory


Thoughts, comments, suggestions? Place them here.

  • Hopefully this project will catch on with others. ~ Sleepyorigami
  • I'm glad you made this public. I never thought about it. --Anti-paragon 04:35, 1 September 2009 (PDT)
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